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ArtPrize 2012 was the biggest yet.

How did we help increase mobile voting by 150%?

Hundreds of thousands of artists and voters flock to Grand Rapids every year to experience, discuss, and debate art. For its fourth year, ArtPrize needed to design and develop new mobile apps to improve the user experience and take advantage of the new ArtPrize user and voting infrastructure. As part of the 2012 ArtPrize website design and development, Mighty redesigned the entire user interface for the ArtPrize iPhone app.

The biggest challenge we faced was the signup and activation process, which requires both personal identification and location awareness. This was critical to ensure that voters were following the ArtPrize rules. We used Facebook Connect to take advantage of its growing popularity for authentication and personalization and allowed self-activation from within the ArtPrize boundaries. Now, voters can download the ArtPrize iOS app, signup with Facebook, and be activated in less than a minute on their own.

With over 1,500 entries, we needed to make browsing and finding art on the iPhone as easy as it is on the website. We designed a multi-data search to ensure that the public could search for “elepha” and find Adonna Khare’s Elephants ArtPrize entry, and vice versa. We also needed to make the relationship between venues and their entries better. We designed a map-based view of all venues, with individual venue profiles that provide instant access to the entries within each, as well as directions to the venue itself.

Not only did Mighty redesign our mobile apps, they brought sexy back. Our technology is better because of them.

Jonathan Hunsberger, Lead Software Developer

In its previous 3 years, an average of 20% of all ArtPrize votes came from mobile devices. This year, that number increased to 50% of all votes. By narrowing the feature set, and improving the user experience, Mighty and Six Voices designed and developed a mobile app that has made the ArtPrize experience better for those hundreds of thousands of people that visit our hometown.