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Trade with the power of crowds.

A small website to measure interest and gain funding.

Financial trading is changing quickly with incredible technological and social advances. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks are connecting people from all areas of the world in ways that were never possible before.

Twitter gives people the ability to quickly and instantly give their opinion about any given topic, including cats, work, the latest movie... and stocks. This real-time sentiment is incredibly telling. But, do you want to make a major trade based on what the world thinks about $AAPL stock? Or, do you want the confidence of knowing what the smaller crowd of Twitter users who have “financial analyst” in their bio and over 1000 followers thinks at that moment? CrowdIndex lets you trade with the power of these crowds.

CrowdIndex will use algorithms and social data to mine accurate predictors of the rise and fall of stocks, commodities, and currencies. To receive additional funding, CrowdIndex came to Mighty to help gather the intelligence it needed to make this possible.

Mighty became a team member in the early planning phases of CrowdIndex. We worked with the team to conceptualize the goals, capabilities, and features of the CrowdIndex application itself. We researched social data providers to find the right APIs and dynamic social streams that would allow us and users to create crowds on the fly. We also increased interest through scarcity by creating an early-access username reservation system that allows people to secure usernames after instantly checking against them to see whether the requested one is available or not. All of this in a modern responsive web design.

Our relationship with CrowdIndex continues to grow and we are moving into the next phase, where we will design and develop the user interface and web application itself.