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We help Start Garden invest $5k in two ideas... each week.

Start Garden is a $15,000,000 fund that invests $5,000 or more in two ideas each week. (Yes, each week.) One of them is chosen by the Start Garden team. One of them is decided by public endorsement.

Mighty designed and developed the user interface and web application that powers Start Garden. When it was only post-it notes on a board, we were engaged to help architect the idea submission and endorsement process. We sketched the user interface before we designed the responsive front-end and developed the application back-end that reinforce the Start Garden identity designed by long-time friends Auxiliary.

Users sign in with Facebook to help decrease the anonymity of the community. Any user can submit an idea and post videos, images, and answers to Start Garden’s questions on that idea’s profile. Then, each week, users have a set number of endorsements that they can give to ideas. The idea with the most public endorsements receives $5,000 in funding. If an idea doesn’t receive funding, it can only be re-submitted a set number of times, so the timing of resubmission provides a unique decision for the idea owner. Ideas can continue to receive funding, so ideas have activity sections of their profile where the Start Garden team and the idea owners can post updates about idea progress, additional investment, and more.

Start Garden will fund over 100 ideas (over $500,000) by its first anniversary. We are incredibly proud to help make that possible.