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How We Work

We focus on solving problems and creating value. So, if you ask us about our process, we'll start asking you about your goals.

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Working with us

We’re a solution-oriented team of problem-solvers and creative thinkers. Our work is grounded in research and guided by strategy. We’ll focus on your goals and your users, and make sure we fully understand the opportunity before defining a solution. Once we know why an initiative is valuable and what we want to accomplish, we’ll figure out how. If you’ve heard the terms “human-centered design” or “design thinking,” that’s what we’re talking about here.


Projects have a well-defined outcome, with a fixed scope, schedule, and budget. Most websites, applications, and new features take the form of a project.


Sprints have a fixed schedule and budget, but a variable scope. Focused strategic, exploratory, or iterative work can take the form of a sprint.

Care & Maintenance

Launch is exciting, but it’s only the beginning of your project’s long and happy life on the internet. Each of our clients has a dedicated project manager, so you'll be able to reach out anytime for questions, additions, changes, and other support. Our attention to detail during design and development means that our work rarely requires bug fixes. And proactive Care and Maintenance agreements further ensure your project remains stable, healthy, and well-tuned long after launch. 

From Our Clients

“Mighty challenges us. They ask questions and we talk about our goals. They learn the 'why' before recommending the 'what' and deciding on the 'how.' If you want a great partner, start a conversation with Mighty.”

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We work beside you as a strategic partner to find and execute the best possible solutions. Each of us are experts in our fields. And because we're a collaborative, multidisciplinary team, our shared knowledge of each other’s disciplines influences everything we create.


We always make sure we design and develop a solution that supports the goals of your users and your business. Drawing from our knowledge of information architecture and user experience design, we apply research and strategy to lay the foundation for interface design, development, and content creation.


We design user interfaces and visual layouts for web, mobile, and native iOS applications. Every site we design is responsive, so your website, content, and navigation adapt automatically to different screen sizes. This lets your users experience your site at its best, in a way that’s optimized for the device they’re using.


We develop websites and applications using the latest techniques in front-end development and trusted technologies for content management and custom integrations. We use multi-channel CMS platforms built on open-source foundations, to build content management systems that are simple to use.


Content is the only essential feature of your website (and the real key to effective SEO). That’s why we provide copywriting and editing when you need it. From crafting guidelines for voice and tone to planning for content governance, we help you create, collect, and maintain content for your website. 


We configure, customize, and monitor tools like Google Analytics to track the specific goals and actions that matter to you, so you can measure your site’s success after launch. These reports and insights help you see what’s working, identify ways to improve, and guide the long-term optimization of your site.

Project Management

Every client has a dedicated project manager. Project managers ignite collaboration and create clarity to make sure that your objectives are met and your expectations are exceeded. We lead conversations, answer questions, provide updates, and organize the details that keep relationships healthy and make projects a success.

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