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People First

Mighty in the Midwest has long believed that working hard and solving problems should be deeply satisfying. So we’ve focused on relationships, believing that when we’re happy and healthy, our work isn’t only more enjoyable, it’s better. We invest in our team, and our team invests in each other, in our clients, in our craft, and in our community. We’re experts in digital strategy, content, and technology, and we’ve always been committed to thoughtful design, built exceptionally well. We believe that value is our most important deliverable, and that projects and client relationships should improve with time. Our first clients are our current clients, and we can’t wait to tackle their next big ideas—and hear about yours.

Happy, hungry, and healthy

Mighty has grown purposefully to be a team of leaders, including:

Photo of Alex Carpenter

Alex Carpenter


Although formally trained in photography and the culinary arts, Alex dove headfirst into web development while building his video production startup's website—and never looked back. These days, he obsesses over CSS, and loves to spend time outdoors with his wife.

Photo of Cliff Wegner

Cliff Wegner

Owner, CEO

Cliff started Mighty in 2007. With a background in advertising and a contagious passion for quality, he gets his collaborative spirit (and competitive edge) from years on the soccer field. A design and tech enthusiast, Cliff paradoxically aspires to retire to a cabin in the woods.

Photo of Danielle Dunn

Danielle Dunn

Senior Project Manager

Danielle has your back. With a background in hospitality and guest services, she loves working with people to ensure individuals and teams have an amazing experience. She likes adventures in nature, food, wine, travel, and making things with her hands—preferably in the company of others.

Photo of Danni Shultz

Danni Shultz

Project Manager

She's as comfortable with a golf club or paintbrush in her hand as she is managing projects for Mighty. With a background in art and advertising, Danni's ability to creatively and strategically solve problems is an important asset. She loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, Jon and newborn, Gordie.

Photo of Ian Labardee

Ian Labardee

Design Director

A husband, father, designer, musician, and entrepreneur, Ian led award-winning design for a mental health tech organization and later co-founded Lift Pattern, a web software company. Empathic by nature and passionate about quality, Ian guides people toward beautiful, effective solutions.

Photo of Janson Hartliep

Janson Hartliep

Development Director

Janson crafts what you see on screens. Passionate about thoughtful interfaces for people, Janson got his start in computer science and information architecture. He once co-founded a startup but prefers helping non-profits; loves words, soccer, big cities, and gummy bears.

Photo of Jeffrey Songco

Jeffrey Songco


You can find Jeffrey all over town: volunteering at the UICA and Circle Theatre and as an ArtPrize artist (in fact, that's the reason he moved to Grand Rapids). He has experience in San Francisco startups, and keeps our office running smoothly and focused on community initiatives.

Photo of Jeremy Abrahams

Jeremy Abrahams

Senior Developer, UX Strategist

Jeremy loves to solve problems in creative ways and bring those solutions to life. Detail-oriented and thorough by nature, he thinks working as a front-end web designer and developer is the best job in the world. (No one here would argue.) He is a board member for the local chapter of IxDA.

Photo of Jessica Nelson

Jessica Nelson

Junior Project Manager

A transplant to West Michigan from West Africa (Ghana to be exact), Jessica stayed in GR after graduating from college. As a junior project manager, she's interested in design thinking and building meaningful relationships with clients. Jessica enjoys dancing and sharing her culture through food and storytelling.

Photo of Kaitlyn Malson

Kaitlyn Malson


Kaitlyn brings a strong eye for typography and branding to her work as a designer, with a specialty in visual communications. She’s always striving to improve user experience through good design. And Kaitlyn’s always on the go: running around Reeds Lake, playing soccer, and trying out new recipes.

Photo of Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson

Junior Designer

Fresh from Ferris State University, Kate has a hunger to learn and find solutions through creative problem solving. As a junior designer, she collaborates with our design team on strategy and user experience design. In her spare time, you can find Kate running, playing soccer, or painting.

Photo of Kyle Luck

Kyle Luck


With a background in philosophy (and training at Oxford), Kyle shows in-depth analysis and thoughtful insight as a developer. He not only wants to know the "who" of user experience, but the "why not them?", too. He plays guitar in the band Oliver Houston, and once recited the first 257 digits of pi.

Photo of Michael Colletto

Michael Colletto

Director of Strategy & Content

An insatiable learner, strategic problem solver, and skilled wordsmith, Michael is adept at planning websites that are effective and easy to use. After living on three continents in as many years, Michael and his wife settled in Grand Rapids by happy accident. He's the proud father of two girls.

Photo of Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas

Project Manager

With a background in writing and communications, Natalie serves as translator for our clients in her role as project manager. She loves to explore new technology and figure out how to make it work best for her and others. Outside of the office, she loves to host couchsurfers, travel, and bake.

Photo of Raechel MacKenzie

Raechel MacKenzie


A former D1 athlete, Raechel's competitive nature drives her to create innovative and beautiful user experiences. When she isn't immersed in creating delightful designs, Raechel enjoys running, cooking vegetarian meals, and exploring farmer's markets.

Photo of Stephanie Malburg

Stephanie Malburg

Operations Manager

Stephanie keeps the business running smoothly. She really enjoys working with numbers and even kicks back with a Sudoku puzzle once in awhile. Outgoing and energized by other people, she's also an athlete and adventure-seeker who enjoys long walks on the beach.

The Mighty team hard at work at their desks

We love living and working in West Michigan.

Mighty has been proudly located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2007. We've grown slowly to maintain our focus on craftsmanship and quality within an ever-changing industry. And we've purposefully invested in project management, content strategy, copywriting, analytics, and optimization to better serve our clients. Mighty is a debt-free company. 80% of our expenses are in salaries, health insurance, and office space. We count our blessings, keep things lean, and share profits with our team members.

The team with students from Jeremy's modern web class decorating bags for Kids Food Basket Looking out the 5th floor window of our office down Ionia Ave in downtown Grand Rapids

If it looks like we enjoy being together, that’s because we do. We take pride in our city, our clients, our team, and our work. And we have fun—both in and outside of work.

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Two white Herman Miller shell chairs by a window in Mighty's office A group selfie of us walking to the Downtown Market for lunch. Danielle looks especially exuberant.

We’ve moved a few times as we’ve grown, but never more than 0.1 miles from where we started. Since 2014, we’ve been happily settled on the 5th floor of the CWD building, and we love coming to work here. You’re welcome to visit anytime.

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