We are Mighty.

Since we started in 2007, Mighty in the Midwest has focused on the web. We’ve always been committed to thoughtful design, built exceptionally well. But, it’s not all about the quality of our work. It’s about the quality of our relationships. Our first clients are our current clients. And that doesn’t happen without trust and value. Learn more about us below and, when you’re ready, let’s build something together.

Grid of people, places, and things from the Mighty office


  • Strategy

    We begin every project with research and strategy to make sure we design and develop a product that supports the goals of your users and your business. We create an information architecture that supports a well-designed user experience, laying the foundation for user interface design, development, and content creation.

  • Design

    We design user interfaces and visual layouts for web, mobile, and native iOS applications. Every site we design is responsive, so your website, content, and navigation adapt automatically to different screen sizes. This lets your users experience your site at its best, in a way that’s optimized for the device they’re using.

  • Development

    We develop websites and applications using the latest techniques in front-end development and trusted technologies for content management and custom integrations. We use multi-channel CMS platforms built on open-source foundations, to build content management systems that are simple to use. We also develop native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.

  • Content

    We help you create, collect, and maintain content for your website. Content is the most common source of client anxiety and project delays (and the real key to effective SEO), which is why we provide copywriting and editing when you need it. From helping you establish your voice and tone to planning for content governance, we help ensure that your site content stays great over time.

  • Analytics

    You want a new site or app for a reason. There are specific goals your organization is trying to meet and specific actions you want your audience to take. We build sites to help you realize these goals—and can configure, customize, and monitor Google Analytics to measure what matters most to you. These reports and insights help both you and us optimize your site for long-term success.

  • Project Management

    We work beside you as a strategic partner to find and execute the best possible solutions. Team leads and project managers guide you through the process, answer questions, provide updates, and organize every detail to keep the project on track. Open communication with the entire project team helps ensure that your objectives are met and expectations are exceeded.