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We're a happy, hungry, healthy team.

Mighty has long believed that working hard and solving problems should be deeply satisfying. So we’ve focused on relationships, believing that when we’re happy and healthy, our work isn’t only more enjoyable, it’s better. We invest in our team, and our team invests in each other, in our clients, in our craft, and in our community. We’re experts in digital strategy, content, and technology, and we’ve always been committed to thoughtful design, built exceptionally well. We believe that value is our most important deliverable, and that digital products and client relationships should improve with time. Whether our relationship stretches back nearly a decade or is just getting started (hi there, new friends!), we can’t wait to build a better future together.

Founded 2007
Headquarters Grand Rapids, MI
Teammates In Kansas City, Philadelphia, Seattle
A collage of pictures hanging on the fridge
Mighty team member in front of the Yosemite National Park sign with a button up shirt and hat on.
Evie, a grey dog, sitting and looking at the camera
Michael and Cliff working at a table and smiling
Girl standing at the finish line of a marathon with medal
Man smiling for a headshot with arms crossed
Mighty team at Tree Runners ready to climb the ropes!
Girl standing in a field of sunflowers
Man, and three kids smiling for a picture with fall foliage in the background
Man standing on top of a mountain with hat and glasses on
Man on a ropes course with ropes in the background
Man mountain biking and mud splashing up
Woman standing on the Arizona mountains
Man standing on the beach at sunset with arms out
Joy on the left, and Taylor on the right, clinking mugs together
Mighty team members smiling on the beach
A yellow sticky note on a computer reading "it is quite a privilege to work with friends. Thank you!
Dog in a hippo costume
A picture of a computer with four Mighty team members on it
Three people walking in the woods with sun shining in

This feels like the start of something good.

Our favorite clients tend to treat us as part of their team (and vice versa). If you’re looking to make something digital and interesting, we’d love to help you bring your idea to life.

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