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Leading a city government through a digital transformation

We led the strategy and design for the largest digital undertaking the City of Grand Rapids had ever attempted. A passionate internal team, championed by the mayor, envisioned a new website that could be a "digital City Hall" for residents. The City's website needed to be clear, concise, and friendly to a wide variety of users. In 2016, it was none of those things. In 2018, it won the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) Pinnacle Award for the best large city website!

Client City of Grand Rapids
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Services Strategy, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, Project Management, Content Governance Planning, Copywriting, Analytics, Verbal Branding
Rosa Parks Circle, Grand Rapids, MI
Rosa Parks Circle, centered in downtown Grand Rapids. Two blocks from the Mighty office.
Clients Say

How do we ever start to thanks?! We have tried to stay true to everything the Mighty team taught us. We have been fortunate, blessed, and just so incredibly changed forever because of your team and the support and learning we were the beneficiary of over the last months.

—Becky Jo Glover, Chief Customer Service & Innovations Officer

We began this project from a citizen's perspective—a perspective we shared, as many of us are Grand Rapidians—to lead content and make decisions based on user experience. Our main goal was to make it easier to find what you needed and enable self-service on any device, on any browser, at any time, from any place.

By consolidating the top services and streamlining processes, we created a website that was easy-to-use for both citizens and employees. We contributed user experience and content strategy, analytics, verbal branding, copywriting, content governance planning, visual design, and project management, while working alongside developers at OpenCities to create an accessible website, free from barriers.

Images of early strategy work
City of GR Style Tiles
Screenshot of internal city website layouts
Screenshot of the City of Grand Rapids homepage
Preview gif loop of the Mighty Team video
Office dog sitting in yellow chair in front of yellow backdrop