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Building a relationship of trust with a dream client

We've worked with the brilliant team over at Zondervan Academic, a division of HarperCollins, since they first came to us in 2013 to establish the original zondervanacademic.com. Over the years, and with each successive project, we've become more-or-less honorary teammates. From behind-the-scenes technology updates, marketing campaign support, conversion optimization projects, and new tools for content admins to leading major initiatives like launching an online courses platform or a major site redesign with a Shopify ecommerce integration, Mighty has been their go-to strategy, design, and technology partner. We're thrilled to collaborate with them every chance we get.

Client Zondervan Academic
Location Grand Rapids, MI; Nashville, TN
Services Strategy, Wireframes, Visual Design, Front-end Development, Craft CMS Development, Shopify Development, Project Management, Copywriting, Analytics
Zondervan Academic's Director of Marketing sharing feedback regarding Mighty in the Midwest

Video Transcript

Kate Dunn, Mighty Designer (00:05):

Zondervan Academic is not a great client, they are pretty close to a dream client. I say that because they are the most engaged client I have ever worked with. They asked a lot of questions. They really had the drive to make sure that what we were doing was best not only for Zondervan Academic, but also for their users.

Kent Hendricks, Zondervan Academic Director of Marketing, Digital Learning (00:29):

We serve an academic audience, people who care about text and words and the way ideas are organized. And so the aesthetics of the site really need to serve that audience well. They paid careful attention to typeface and design and the way things flow, fitting thousands and thousands of words on a single page and making it readable and look good on lots of devices. That's something our audience cares about and something we care about. So that's been a substantial improvement on our new site.

Jesse Hillman, Zondervan Academic Vice President of Marketing (00:56):

What we've established over the past eight years has been this degree of trust, where they trust us and we trust them. Mighty has done a great job in that timeframe of getting to know our customer base. Really that focus on understanding our consumer has enabled us to trust them a lot more and where they're taking our website design.

Joshua Kessler, Zondervan Academic Marketing Director (01:20):

They've come alongside us at the front end of a project, helped us think through the scope and what we're trying to accomplish, and what our larger overall goals are. And then what are the key touchpoints in order to get there? And also thinking through potential problem areas. Sometimes we know the end goal we want to have, but how we get there and what mechanisms are needed on the website to accomplish that are beyond our expertise. And so they walk us through the steps as we describe our customers and what their needs are, and then what sorts of solutions we need to meet their needs, having Mighty guide us through the process of figuring out those things has been very valuable.

Adam Forrest, Zondervan Academic Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Innovation (01:58):

In the beginning, when we just worked with them as an agency, they were a great agency, but I've come to see them as honorary teammates. I feel like they challenge me to be better at my work. There are probably two reasons for that. One is they're so good at their work, but two, they're inviting and fun to work with.

Kate Dunn, Mighty Designer (02:19):

I feel like everyone plays their role on our team and everyone's just so curious. I think we'll be successful over the next 12 years just because we have that momentum and I don't see us stopping anytime soon.

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